According to my mother, I would kick to the bass line in a song while she was pregnant. From an early age, music was my everything, from my toy guitar to my first ukulele. At age 9 I started learning acoustic guitar, before branching into classical flute, reaching Grade 5 by 16 years old. 
After attempting to learn every instrument possible, I discovered singing, realising I could hold a tune when performing in my flute exams. Until this point, I was unable to find my musical identity, wondering if I was meant to be a part of an orchestra, or on stage as a lead guitarist. Singing helped me evolve from a musician to an artist, helping me grow as a performer, while providing a medium for me to share my love for music. 
Since moving to London, I have studied and completed a Bachelors in Music at Kingston University, using my time at Kingston to build my connections as an artist, networking and collaborating with fellow students and established London musicians. After taking a year out, I've returned to complete a Masters in Music Performance, homing my craft in an effort to become a full time freelance singer. 
Today I split my time between singing with a Gospel choir, band projects and performing my own craft, as a singer-songwriter. Using my unique blend of Blues vocals and Folk inspired writing, I try to bring new life to classic genres, offering an avenue for younger audiences to connect through. 
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Photo credit: Bryony Williams
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